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Our Story

As industry veterans and B2B entrepreneurs, we created The CarrierX Trade Initiative to help carriers optimize processes to monetize international trade better and deliver a seamless experience to customers.

We are building a network to connect carriers to
shippers so that we can simplify the world of trade.


Connect enterprise shippers directly with carriers and trade services


No more ambiguity between parties and pricing


Connect the dots between carriers, shippers, and trade services


Join the future of international trade with access to industry-defining tools

We connect carriers
directly to customers.

With the BlueX platform, the CarrierX AI Trade Agent handles all customer bookings and connects them to trade services. We are spearheading the new way to trade internationally.

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Confused. Chaotic. Complicated.


We recognized that there was a disconnect in the shipping industry. We knew that we had to remove inefficiencies like hundreds of phone calls and emails just to book cargo.


We used our industry veteran knowledge and streamlined a hassle-free trade process through our digitized platform.

The CarrierX Initiative

Simple. Smart. Secured.

Why the CarrierX Initiative matters

Our mission is to create transparency and foster trust.
We are changing the shipping industry by:

Empowering carriers to monetize their network
Enabling trade service providers to reach more customers
Providing enterprise shippers access to tier 1 services and rates

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